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For the latest charts and spec, see the CLDR Download Page https://cldr.unicode.org

CLDR Releases/Downloads (Github)

Date Rel. Note Data Charts Spec Delta Tickets GitHub Tag Delta DTD
2022-10-19 v42 CLDR42 Charts42 LDML42 Δ42 release-42 ΔDtd42
2022-04-06 v41 CLDR41 Charts41 LDML41 Δ41 release-41 ΔDtd41
2021-10-27 v40 CLDR40 Charts40 LDML40 Δ40 release-40 ΔDtd40
2021-04-07 v39 CLDR39 Charts39 LDML39 Δ39 release-39 ΔDtd39
2020-12-17 v38.1 CLDR38.1 Charts38.1 LDML38 Δ38.1 release-38-1 ΔDtd38.1
2020-10-28 v38 CLDR38 Charts38 LDML38 Δ38 release-38 ΔDtd38
2020-04-23 v37 CLDR37 Charts37 LDML37 Δ37 release-37 ΔDtd37
2020-03-11 v36 CLDR36 Charts36 LDML36 Δ36 release-36 ΔDtd36