How to Update icu-docs

  1. Create a personal fork of
  2. Clone the repository from your personal fork to create a local copy on your system
  3. In your local working copy, create a feature branch (<FEATURE-BRANCH>)
  4. Following the beginning of the typical git workflow: a. Make any changes you want, then make a commit b. Push your feature branch to your personal fork on Github
  5. On Github, in your own personal fork of icu-docs, turn on GitHub Pages hosting with the Source: set to your new <FEATURE-BRANCH> branch. For example, go to the settings page at (use your own username)
  6. You will see a note:

    ✓ Your site is published at

  7. You can use the above URL to view the changes you have made on your feature branch in your fork. a. You may need to wait ~ 5 minutes (up to 20 mins) to see the changes that you pushed to your fork be re-rendered and visible on your site.
  8. After verifying that the rendered changes on your personal site look good, open a PR from your feature branch on your fork with a destination of the upstream (unicode-org/icu-docs) repository’s main branch.


Please see ./LICENSE

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