ICU 71.1  71.1
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1 // © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
2 // License & terms of use:
3 /*
4 **********************************************************************
5 * Copyright (c) 2003-2004, International Business Machines
6 * Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
7 **********************************************************************
8 * Author: Alan Liu
9 * Created: March 19 2003
10 * Since: ICU 2.6
11 **********************************************************************
12 */
13 #ifndef UCAT_H
14 #define UCAT_H
16 #include "unicode/utypes.h"
17 #include "unicode/ures.h"
106 U_CAPI u_nl_catd U_EXPORT2
107 u_catopen(const char* name, const char* locale, UErrorCode* ec);
117 U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2
152 U_CAPI const UChar* U_EXPORT2
153 u_catgets(u_nl_catd catd, int32_t set_num, int32_t msg_num,
154  const UChar* s,
155  int32_t* len, UErrorCode* ec);
159 #endif /*UCAT_H*/
160 /*eof*/
U_CAPI void u_catclose(u_nl_catd catd)
Close an ICU message catalog, given its descriptor.
U_CAPI u_nl_catd u_catopen(const char *name, const char *locale, UErrorCode *ec)
Open and return an ICU message catalog descriptor.
U_CAPI const UChar * u_catgets(u_nl_catd catd, int32_t set_num, int32_t msg_num, const UChar *s, int32_t *len, UErrorCode *ec)
Retrieve a localized string from an ICU message catalog.
UResourceBundle * u_nl_catd
An ICU message catalog descriptor, analogous to nl_catd.
Definition: ucat.h:73
#define U_CDECL_END
This is used to end a declaration of a library private ICU C API.
Definition: umachine.h:86
#define U_CAPI
This is used to declare a function as a public ICU C API.
Definition: umachine.h:110
char16_t UChar
The base type for UTF-16 code units and pointers.
Definition: umachine.h:418
This is used to begin a declaration of a library private ICU C API.
Definition: umachine.h:85
C API: Resource Bundle.
struct UResourceBundle UResourceBundle
Definition: ures.h:62
Basic definitions for ICU, for both C and C++ APIs.
Standard ICU4C error code type, a substitute for exceptions.
Definition: utypes.h:415