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unicode Directory Reference


 C++ API: Appendable class: Sink for Unicode code points and 16-bit code units (char16_ts).
 C++ API: Break Iterator.
 C++ API: Interface for writing bytes, and implementation classes.
 C++ API: Trie for mapping byte sequences to integer values.
 C++ API: Builder for icu::BytesTrie.
 C++ API: Canonical Iterator.
 C++ API: Low-level C++ case mapping functions.
 C++ API: char16_t pointer wrappers with implicit conversion from bit-compatible raw pointer types.
 C++ API: Character Iterator.
 C++ API: Dictionary Based Break Iterator.
 (Non API- contains Doxygen definitions)
 C++ API: Date Interval data type.
 C++ API: C++ class Edits for low-level string transformations on styled text.
 C++: internal template EnumSet<>
 C++ API: ErrorCode class intended to make it easier to use ICU C and C++ APIs from C++ user code.
 C++ API: FilteredBreakIteratorBuilder.
 C API: access to ICU Data Version number.
 C API: ICU Plugin API.
 C++ API: Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
 C++ API: Builder API for Locale.
 C++ API: Locale matcher: User's desired locales vs.
 C++ API: "Smart pointers" for use with and in ICU4C C++ code.
 C++ API: Provides display names of Locale and its components.
 C++ API: Locale ID object.
 C++ API: MessagePattern class: Parses and represents ICU MessageFormat patterns.
 C++ API: New API for Unicode Normalization.
 C++ API: Unicode Normalization.
 C API: Parse Error Information.
 C++ API: Canonical Iterator.
 Basic types for the platform.
 C API: Definitions of integer types of various widths.
 C API: Platform Utilities.
 C++ API: Rule Based Break Iterator.
 C++ API: Replaceable String.
 C++ API: Resource Bundle.
 C++ API: String Character Iterator.
 C++ API: Simple formatter, minimal subset of MessageFormat.
 C++ API: Central ICU header for including the C++ standard <string> header and for related definitions.
 C++ API: String Enumeration.
 C API: Bit set option bit constants for various string and character processing functions.
 C++ API: StringPiece: Read-only byte string wrapper class.
 C++ API: Builder API for trie builders.
 C++ API: An interface that defines both lookup protocol and parsing of symbolic names.
 C API: Bidi algorithm.
 C API: Bidi Transformations.
 C API: BreakIterator.
 C API: Unicode case mapping functions using a UCaseMap service object.
 C API: Message Catalog Wrappers.
 C API: Unicode Properties.
 C++ API: Trie for mapping Unicode strings (or 16-bit-unit sequences) to integer values.
 C++ API: Builder for icu::UCharsTrie.
 C++ API: char16_t Character Iterator.
 C API: Initialize and clean up ICU.
 C API: Character conversion.
 C API: UConverter functions to aid the writers of callbacks.
 C API: UConverter predefined error callbacks.
 C API: Encoding/charset encoding selector.
 User-configurable settings.
 C API: This file defines an abstract map from Unicode code points to integer values.
 C API: This file defines an immutable Unicode code point trie.
 C API: Encapsulates information about a currency.
 C API: Data loading interface.
 C API: Display context types (enum values)
 C API: String Enumeration.
 C API: Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
 C API: Unicode Character Iteration.
 C API: Provides display names of Locale ids and their components.
 C API: Locale ID functionality similar to C++ class Locale.
 C API: Locale ID functionality similar to C++ class Locale.
 C API: Builder API for Locale.
 Basic types and constants for UTF.
 C API: Miscellaneous definitions.
 C API: This file defines a mutable Unicode code point trie.
 C++ API: Unicode Filter.
 C++ API: Unicode Functor.
 C++ API: Unicode Matcher.
 C++ API: Unicode Set.
 C++ API: Unicode String.
 C API: Unicode Normalization.
 C API: New API for Unicode Normalization.
 C++ API: Common ICU base class UObject.
 C API: Callbacks for UReplaceable.
 C API: Resource Bundle.
 C API: Unicode Script Information.
 C API: Unicode Set.
 C++ API: UnicodeSetIterator iterates over the contents of a UnicodeSet.
 C API: Arabic shaping.
 C API: Implements the StringPrep algorithm.
 C API: Unicode string handling functions.
 C API: Helper definitions for dictionary trie APIs.
 C API: Abstract Unicode Text API.
 C API: Code point macros.
 C API: 16-bit Unicode handling macros.
 C API: UTF-32 macros.
 C API: 8-bit Unicode handling macros.
 C API: Deprecated macros for Unicode string handling.
 C API: Definitions for ICU tracing/logging.
 Basic definitions for ICU, for both C and C++ APIs.
 C API: definitions of ICU version numbers.
 C API: API for accessing ICU version numbers.