ICU 71.1  71.1
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 alphaindex.hC++ API: Index Characters
 appendable.hC++ API: Appendable class: Sink for Unicode code points and 16-bit code units (char16_ts)
 basictz.hC++ API: ICU TimeZone base class
 brkiter.hC++ API: Break Iterator
 bytestream.hC++ API: Interface for writing bytes, and implementation classes
 bytestrie.hC++ API: Trie for mapping byte sequences to integer values
 bytestriebuilder.hC++ API: Builder for icu::BytesTrie
 calendar.hC++ API: Calendar object
 caniter.hC++ API: Canonical Iterator
 casemap.hC++ API: Low-level C++ case mapping functions
 char16ptr.hC++ API: char16_t pointer wrappers with implicit conversion from bit-compatible raw pointer types
 chariter.hC++ API: Character Iterator
 choicfmt.hC++ API: Choice Format
 coleitr.hC++ API: Collation Element Iterator
 coll.hC++ API: Collation Service
 compactdecimalformat.hC++ API: Compatibility APIs for compact decimal number formatting
 curramt.hC++ API: Currency Amount Object
 currpinf.hC++ API: Currency Plural Information used by Decimal Format
 currunit.hC++ API: Currency Unit Information
 datefmt.hC++ API: Abstract class for converting dates
 dbbi.hC++ API: Dictionary Based Break Iterator
 dcfmtsym.hC++ API: Symbols for formatting numbers
 decimfmt.hC++ API: Compatibility APIs for decimal formatting
 docmain.h(Non API- contains Doxygen definitions)
 dtfmtsym.hC++ API: Symbols for formatting dates
 dtintrv.hC++ API: Date Interval data type
 dtitvfmt.hC++ API: Format and parse date interval in a language-independent manner
 dtitvinf.hC++ API: Date/Time interval patterns for formatting date/time interval
 dtptngen.hC++ API: Date/Time Pattern Generator
 dtrule.hC++ API: Rule for specifying date and time in an year
 edits.hC++ API: C++ class Edits for low-level string transformations on styled text
 enumset.hC++: internal template EnumSet<>
 errorcode.hC++ API: ErrorCode class intended to make it easier to use ICU C and C++ APIs from C++ user code
 fieldpos.hC++ API: FieldPosition identifies the fields in a formatted output
 filteredbrk.hC++ API: FilteredBreakIteratorBuilder
 fmtable.hC++ API: Formattable is a thin wrapper for primitive types used for formatting and parsing
 format.hC++ API: Base class for all formats
 formattedvalue.hC++ API: Abstract operations for localized strings
 fpositer.hC++ API: FieldPosition Iterator
 gender.hC++ API: GenderInfo computes the gender of a list
 gregocal.hC++ API: Concrete class which provides the standard calendar
 icudataver.hC API: access to ICU Data Version number
 icuplug.hC API: ICU Plugin API
 idna.hC++ API: Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
 listformatter.hC++ API: API for formatting a list
 localebuilder.hC++ API: Builder API for Locale
 localematcher.hC++ API: Locale matcher: User's desired locales vs
 localpointer.hC++ API: "Smart pointers" for use with and in ICU4C C++ code
 locdspnm.hC++ API: Provides display names of Locale and its components
 locid.hC++ API: Locale ID object
 measfmt.hC++ API: Compatibility APIs for measure formatting
 measunit.hC++ API: A unit for measuring a quantity
 measure.hC++ API: MeasureUnit object
 messagepattern.hC++ API: MessagePattern class: Parses and represents ICU MessageFormat patterns
 msgfmt.hC++ API: Formats messages in a language-neutral way
 normalizer2.hC++ API: New API for Unicode Normalization
 normlzr.hC++ API: Unicode Normalization
 nounit.hC++ API: units for percent and permille
 numberformatter.hC++ API: All-in-one formatter for localized numbers, currencies, and units
 numberrangeformatter.hC++ API: Library for localized formatting of number, currency, and unit ranges
 numfmt.hC++ API: Compatibility APIs for number formatting
 numsys.hC++ API: NumberingSystem object
 ParagraphLayout.hC++ API: Paragraph Layout
 parseerr.hC API: Parse Error Information
 parsepos.hC++ API: Canonical Iterator
 platform.hBasic types for the platform
 playout.hC API for paragraph layout
 plruns.hC API for run arrays
 plurfmt.hC++ API: PluralFormat object
 plurrule.hC++ API: PluralRules object
 ptypes.hC API: Definitions of integer types of various widths
 putil.hC API: Platform Utilities
 rbbi.hC++ API: Rule Based Break Iterator
 rbnf.hC++ API: Rule Based Number Format
 rbtz.hC++ API: Rule based customizable time zone
 regex.hC++ API: Regular Expressions
 region.hC++ API: Region classes (territory containment)
 reldatefmt.hC++ API: Formats relative dates such as "1 day ago" or "tomorrow"
 rep.hC++ API: Replaceable String
 resbund.hC++ API: Resource Bundle
 RunArrays.hC++ API: base class for building classes which represent data that is associated with runs of text
 schriter.hC++ API: String Character Iterator
 scientificnumberformatter.hC++ API: Formats in scientific notation
 search.hC++ API: SearchIterator object
 selfmt.hC++ API: SelectFormat object
 simpleformatter.hC++ API: Simple formatter, minimal subset of MessageFormat
 simpletz.hC++ API: SimpleTimeZone is a concrete subclass of TimeZone
 smpdtfmt.hC++ API: Format and parse dates in a language-independent manner
 sortkey.hC++ API: Keys for comparing strings multiple times
 std_string.hC++ API: Central ICU header for including the C++ standard <string> header and for related definitions
 strenum.hC++ API: String Enumeration
 stringoptions.hC API: Bit set option bit constants for various string and character processing functions
 stringpiece.hC++ API: StringPiece: Read-only byte string wrapper class
 stringtriebuilder.hC++ API: Builder API for trie builders
 stsearch.hC++ API: Service for searching text based on RuleBasedCollator
 symtable.hC++ API: An interface that defines both lookup protocol and parsing of symbolic names
 tblcoll.hC++ API: The RuleBasedCollator class implements the Collator abstract base class
 timezone.hC++ API: TimeZone object
 tmunit.hC++ API: time unit object
 tmutamt.hC++ API: time unit amount object
 tmutfmt.hC++ API: Format and parse duration in single time unit
 translit.hC++ API: Transforms text from one format to another
 tzfmt.hC++ API: TimeZoneFormat
 tznames.hC++ API: TimeZoneNames
 tzrule.hC++ API: Time zone rule classes
 tztrans.hC++ API: Time zone transition
 ubidi.hC API: Bidi algorithm
 ubiditransform.hBidi Transformations
 ubrk.hC API: BreakIterator
 ucal.hC API: Calendar
 ucasemap.hC API: Unicode case mapping functions using a UCaseMap service object
 ucat.hC API: Message Catalog Wrappers
 uchar.hC API: Unicode Properties
 ucharstrie.hC++ API: Trie for mapping Unicode strings (or 16-bit-unit sequences) to integer values
 ucharstriebuilder.hC++ API: Builder for icu::UCharsTrie
 uchriter.hC++ API: char16_t Character Iterator
 uclean.hC API: Initialize and clean up ICU
 ucnv.hC API: Character conversion
 ucnv_cb.hC UConverter functions to aid the writers of callbacks
 ucnv_err.hC UConverter predefined error callbacks
 ucnvsel.hA converter selector is built with a set of encoding/charset names and given an input string returns the set of names of the corresponding converters which can convert the string
 ucol.hC API: Collator
 ucoleitr.hC API: UCollationElements
 uconfig.hUser-configurable settings
 ucpmap.hThis file defines an abstract map from Unicode code points to integer values
 ucptrie.hThis file defines an immutable Unicode code point trie
 ucsdet.hC API: Charset Detection API
 ucurr.hC API: Encapsulates information about a currency
 udat.hC API: DateFormat
 udata.hC API: Data loading interface
 udateintervalformat.hC API: Format a date interval
 udatpg.hC API: Wrapper for icu::DateTimePatternGenerator (unicode/dtptngen.h)
 udisplaycontext.hC API: Display context types (enum values)
 uenum.hC API: String Enumeration
 ufieldpositer.hC API: UFieldPositionIterator for use with format APIs
 uformattable.hC API: UFormattable is a thin wrapper for primitive types used for formatting and parsing
 uformattedvalue.hC API: Abstract operations for localized strings
 ugender.hC API: The purpose of this API is to compute the gender of a list as a whole given the gender of each element
 uidna.hC API: Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
 uiter.hC API: Unicode Character Iteration
 uldnames.hC API: Provides display names of Locale ids and their components
 ulistformatter.hC API: Format a list in a locale-appropriate way
 uloc.hC API: Locale
 ulocdata.hC API: Provides access to locale data
 umachine.hBasic types and constants for UTF
 umisc.hC API:misc definitions
 umsg.hC API: MessageFormat
 umutablecptrie.hThis file defines a mutable Unicode code point trie
 unifilt.hC++ API: Unicode Filter
 unifunct.hC++ API: Unicode Functor
 unimatch.hC++ API: Unicode Matcher
 unirepl.hC++ API: UnicodeReplacer
 uniset.hC++ API: Unicode Set
 unistr.hC++ API: Unicode String
 unorm.hC API: Unicode Normalization
 unorm2.hC API: New API for Unicode Normalization
 unum.hC API: Compatibility APIs for number formatting
 unumberformatter.hC-compatible API for localized number formatting; not recommended for C++
 unumberrangeformatter.hC-compatible API for localized number range formatting
 unumsys.hC API: UNumberingSystem, information about numbering systems
 uobject.hC++ API: Common ICU base class UObject
 upluralrules.hC API: Plural rules, select plural keywords for numeric values
 uregex.hC API: Regular Expressions
 uregion.hC API: URegion (territory containment and mapping)
 ureldatefmt.hC API: URelativeDateTimeFormatter, relative date formatting of unit + numeric offset
 urep.hC API: Callbacks for UReplaceable
 ures.hC API: Resource Bundle
 uscript.hC API: Unicode Script Information
 usearch.hC API: StringSearch
 uset.hC API: Unicode Set
 usetiter.hC++ API: UnicodeSetIterator iterates over the contents of a UnicodeSet
 ushape.hC API: Arabic shaping
 uspoof.hUnicode Security and Spoofing Detection, C API
 usprep.hC API: Implements the StringPrep algorithm
 ustdio.hC API: Unicode stdio-like API
 ustream.hC++ API: Unicode iostream like API
 ustring.hC API: Unicode string handling functions
 ustringtrie.hC API: Helper definitions for dictionary trie APIs
 utext.hC API: Abstract Unicode Text API
 utf.hC API: Code point macros
 utf16.hC API: 16-bit Unicode handling macros
 utf32.hC API: UTF-32 macros
 utf8.hC API: 8-bit Unicode handling macros
 utf_old.hC API: Deprecated macros for Unicode string handling
 utmscale.hC API: Universal Time Scale
 utrace.hC API: Definitions for ICU tracing/logging
 utrans.hC API: Transliterator
 utypes.hBasic definitions for ICU, for both C and C++ APIs
 uvernum.hC API: definitions of ICU version numbers
 uversion.hC API: API for accessing ICU version numbers
 vtzone.hC++ API: RFC2445 VTIMEZONE support