Skipping Known Test Failures (logKnownIssue)

If you need a test to be disabled temporarily, call logKnownIssue. The method is defined as below:

* Log the known issue.
* This method returns true unless -prop:logKnownIssue=no is specified
* in the argument list.
* @param ticket A ticket number string. For an ICU ticket, use numeric
characters only,
* such as "10245". For a CLDR ticket, use prefix "cldrbug:" followed by ticket
* such as "cldrbug:5013".
* @param comment Additional comment, or null
* @return true unless -prop:logKnownIssue=no is specified in the test command
line argument.
public boolean logKnownIssue(String ticket, String comment)

Below is an example:

if (logKnownIssue("1234", "New data is not integrated yet.")) {

// test code below

By default, logKnownIssue returns true and emit a log line including the link to the ticket and the comment.

When -prop:logKnownIssue=no is specified as a command line argument, logKnownIssue() returns false, so you can temporary enable a test code skipped by logKnownIssue.

Before ICU4J 52, we used to use isICUVersionBefore() method like below. The test method is still available in the trunk, but developers are suggested to use logKnownIssue() instead.

if (isICUVersionBefore(50,0,2)) {

Before ICU4J 49M2, we used to use the style below -

if(skipIfBeforeICU(4, 5, 2)) {