Check source and data files, especially newly contributed ones, to make sure the proper copyright notice is in place. For example,

© 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
License & terms of use:

Scan the source code to make sure that every file that was touched recently has the current year in the copyright statement. See the ICU Copyright Scanner page and follow the link to the scripts and the readme.

Scan the source code to include third-party company names in copyright notices if necessary.

Scan for text files that do not contain the word “Copyright”: find_textfiles -nosvn -novc -noeclipse | xargs grep -i -L Copyright (See the find_textfiles Perl script attached to this page.) There are files without word “Copyright” in ICU source repository including some test data files (no comment syntax defined for these test data files), Unicode data files, tzcode source files and others. Review the output file list and determine if each of them should have ICU copyright statement or not. The script find_textfiles associated with this document is not maintained. Use the ICU Copyright Scanner above instead.

2. Update license files

Check ICU, Unicode and other license terms. Make sure these files are up to date. The Unicode data and software license term is updated annually (usually year number only). The easiest way to get the updated license is to do View Source on and scroll down to the plaintext version of the software license (“Exhibit A”).

See svn changeset r39632 for an example; there should be only two files to update.