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ICU4J Demos

Server Side Demos

Web Demos

These demos are running on the ICU server, and are implemented as Java Servlets and JSP pages.

Client Side demos

To build the client side samples:

  1. Download the ICU4J source code ( see Source Code Setup )
  2. Run ant jar to build ICU4J jar
  3. Run ant jarDemos to build the demos
  4. Run cp icu4j.jar demos/out/lib
  5. Finally, run java -jar demos/out/lib/icu4j-demos.jar to launch the demos

CalendarApp This demo compares two calendars against each other. Choose the two calendar types, and the display language, from the pop-up menus. Navigate by days using the < and > buttons, or by years using the « and » buttons.

Translit This demonstration shows ICU Transliteration. The transliteration mode chosen in the menu will be used as you type.

HolidayCalendarDemo This demo displays holidays from a certain locale, localized into the display language of your choice. Navigate by days using the < and > buttons, or by years using the « and » buttons.

RbnfDemo This demo shows Rule Based Number Formatting. Please expand the window to show the entire demo. A number may be entered in the top left corner, or the navigation buttons may be used. The pop-up menus in the top right corner will pick the rule and the variant used.

DetectingViewer By opening a document using the Open file or Open URL menu items, this demo will statistically detect the probable file encoding of a file. Use the DetectedEncodings menu to see which encodings were detected.

Note: Due to security constraints, you must use the Downloadable Demo Jar in order to use these demos with files on your local disk. The Java Web Start application will not have permission to read local files.

ICU Introduction Applets

About the Applets

This is a paper introducing ICU calendars, which has live applets throughout the text to demonstrate various features.

The paper is now archived, see